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We needed to get 1,300 signatures to waive filing fees; we got over 1,800. This is a positive sign of early support for our grassroots campaign.

Take a look at all the other candidates' websites. We are enduring potentially the greatest crisis of civil liberites faced by our nation. Note that not a single other candidate in this race even talks about the PATRIOT Act. The current Attorney General, Chrisitine Gregoire, fell in lockstep with John Ashcroft on this legislation.

I wish to give special thanks to our project's allies!

By contrast, Paul Richmond has opposed the Patriot Act and its earlier brethren the 1994 Anti-Crime Bill and the 1996 Anti-Terrorism and Effective Death Penalty Act. He's also worked to prevent the restriction of privacy and civil rights in the Northwest. He helped end a pilot program that had the National Guard accompanying police on "drug raids", helped to keep "assault weapons" off the UW campus, and provided the research that led the King County Bar Association to come out against a statewide version of the PATRIOT Act. The state of Washington needs Paul's candidacy, so that these issues are properly raised in the campaign.



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Paul's Democratic Convention Report

Paul Richmond and his campaign manager Hannah McFarland recently attended the Democratic National Convention to cover the protests. Paul writes this:

"As a veteran of decades of public demonstrations, the Democratic Convention in Boston was one of the scariest I've ever seen.

"One horror was the 'free speech zone' set aside for protesters. Surrounded by barbed wire, patrolled by armed and military personnel, it was a scene we'd expect in a totalitarian dictatorship.

"Even more horrifying was the utterly dismal turnout of protesters. It was the most poorly attended national demonstration I can remember attending, with 'rallies' that sometimes numbered in the dozens.

"Part of the reason was the obscene level of harassment. Agents of the FBI visited the homes of activists, asking intimidating and arguably illegal questions. Then there were threats of terrorism (also used, to great effect, by the Bush administration whenever they've sought to "control by crisis"), none of which ever panned out.

"The greater reason that people didn't show up is fear. As in Orwell's 1984, the cop inside peoples' heads has gotten even bigger than the one on the street. People have gotten so afraid of Bush that John Kerry and the Democratic Party are being given a free ride, without any constructive criticism.

"People seem to have forgotten that it was Clinton's Democrat administration that brought us two laws, the 1994 Crime Bill and the 1996 Anti-Terrorism and Effective Death Penalty Act which first gave us the restrictions on our civil liberties many people associate with the PATRIOT Act. The Clinton Adminstration also brought us hundreds of thousands of deaths in Iraq through sanctions, and the loss of jobs and destruction of environmental protections through NAFTA, GATT and WTO.

"For some reason, many smart people have more anger for the thousands of votes generated by the campaign of Ralph Nader, than the hundreds of thousands of votes literally stolen through the disenfranchisement of mostly black voters which would have won this same election. That is madness. The first step to correcting it is calling it what it is. The second step is moving forward.

"At a time like this, l am proud to be a candidate of a party that is not beholden to large corporate interests, where I can run a campaign and say what needs to be said.

"With all respect to others in this campaign, I am the only candidate positioned to tell these truths. I encourage anyone reading this to get involved with this and allied campaigns and to work on the Instant Runoff Campaign which will eliminate this politics of fear."

Paul Richmond
August 1, 2004

Footage Paul shot of the Democratic National Convention was provided to the productions of the Independent Media Center and Democracy Now, and appeared on portions of these productions through Free Speech TV.

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